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Natural Therapies for Functional Digestive Disorders

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We are experts in natural and integrative therapies for IBS, SIBO, and functional digestive disorders. We understand the complexities of issues like food sensitivities and histamine intolerance as well as the frustrations of symptoms like gas, bloating, and reflux.

In addition to resolution of digestive problems, we find that many people experience relief from other chronic conditions when we restore the gut to health.

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Services and Therapies

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Naturopathic Therapies

Many functional digestive disorders relapse after treatment, but we believe that’s because they have never been treated for the root cause. Naturopathic therapies aim for complete gut restoration by uncovering and addressing the root-cause factors of your gut problems.

We begin with a review all recent lab tests and order advanced functional tests to screen for things like infections, parasites, toxicity, adrenal stress, or whatever is relevant to your situation.

Naturopathic therapies include herbs, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle recommendations to address all body organs and systems that influence gut health. Therapies are specific to you and modified over time based on your response.

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Biome Nutritional Analysis

Functional digestive disorders commonly lead to absorption problems and nutritional deficiencies. That can result in unintended weight loss, muscle wasting, and even osteoporosis. Many people also develop food sensitivities or intolerances, requiring restricted diets that can worsen nutritional losses.

The Biome Nutritional Analysis includes a complete review of your vitamin and mineral intake. You’ll receive guidance on food choices, meal planning, and how to reintroduce foods (when appropriate). Nutritional support helps you achieve optimal nutrition while healing your gut and overall health.

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Gut-Brain Therapies

The gut and brain are intimately connected through a complex network that includes the microbiome, nervous system, neurotransmitters, and other communication molecules. This system likes to pattern match, meaning that you can get stuck in repeated patterns of dysfunction.

Science backs up the benefits of gut-brain therapies. For example, 71% of patients with IBS experience symptom improvement with hypnosis, and the beneficial effects last as long as 5 years.

Gut-brain therapies include holistic counselling, talk therapy, creative visualization, emotional release, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques to rebalance the connections between your gut and your mind.

How to know if the Biome Clinic is a good fit for you…


›  You refuse to allow a diagnosis to define you for life
›  You want to stop scrambling for answers in all the wrong places
›  You’re ready to trust the experience of leading gut-health experts
›  You are open to trying new strategies and accepting new solutions
›  You know there is hope for life-changing healing

Our approach is specific to you.

Nothing about the human body is absolute. Rather than prescribing rigid protocols, we believe in meeting your individual needs and empowering you with resources that will endure beyond your window of treatment with us.

Appointment Fees

Naturopathic Consultation

Dr Nirala Jacobi

  • Initial appointment – 1 hour – $350
  • Second appointment – 1 hour – $300
  • Follow up appointments – 30 minutes – $175

Anne Criner

  • Initial appointment – 1 hour – $220
  • Second appointment – 1 hour – $220
  • Follow up appointments – 30 minutes – $130

Emily Sugars

  • Initial appointment – 1 hour – $220
  • Second appointment – 1 hour – $220
  • Follow up appointments – 30 minutes – $130

Biome Nutritional Assessment

Anne Criner

  • Initial appointment – 1 hour – $220
  • Second appointment – 1 hour – $220
  • Follow up appointments – 30 minutes – $130

We serve patients around the world.


We offer in-person appointments at the beautiful and sustainably built Biome Clinic in New South Wales. We are also happy to see patients online through virtual appointments.