Renewing Hope for Gut Healing

We are an internationally recognized clinic for the natural treatment of SIBO, IBS, and functional digestive disorders.

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SIBO & IBS are among the most misunderstood medical conditions.


Digestive problems can disrupt every aspect of your health and happiness. If you feel dismissed by other approaches, don’t give up hope.

We know your symptoms are real. We know strategies to get to the root cause. We know how to empower your body to heal.

a person holding their stomach in pain

We’re casting new light on gut healing.


Founded by The SIBO Doctor’s Dr. Nirala Jacobi, we are a team of experts in functional digestive disorders of all types.

Your Biome Determines Your Health

illustration depicting a woman and the determinants of gut health

Biome means habitat—an integrated system where many different species live symbiotically together.

We have a microbiome of trillions of organisms living within our digestive tracts and on our body surfaces.

We also have a macrobiome that consists of the environment around us, including our diet, sleep, exercise, emotions, and stress.

We naturally enjoy good health when we achieve a harmonious balance between the environments within and around us.

The Biome Method Integrates the Whole Person

No two people with IBS or SIBO are alike. Some will benefit most from naturopathic therapies, others from nutritional analysis, and others from gut-brain therapies. You may need all of these therapies or only one. The Biome Method is complete and integrated to meet the needs of each individual.

We serve patients around the world.


We offer in-person appointments at the beautiful and sustainably built Biome Clinic in New South Wales. We are also happy to see patients online through virtual appointments.